How to use iPhone 14 pro camera as professional

Apple likes to promote the iPhone as a device suitable for shooting professional-looking footage. The latest iPhone 14 is no exception, with a video from the Everyday Experiments series, subtitled Hollywood at Home. In addition to great-looking footage, there are also animals, food and remote control cars.

The roughly four-and-a-half-minute video shows footage shot by professional videographers and is designed to give the impression that you can create similar images in the comfort of your own home with just a few props and, of course, an iPhone 14.

As a promotion for the filmmaking mode, the video serves perfectly. It features dynamic action in the form of a chase, a demonstration of video editing in iMovie, a tutorial on how to create a near-perfect still life using commonly available food, and a perspective demonstration with the assistance of pets.

From the video, it’s easy to get the impression that creating professional-looking footage with just the iPhone 14 is a simple task. However, Apple doesn’t mention the fact that in addition to the phone itself, you often need other accessories, such as a gimbal, at least basic knowledge of video editing and shot composition, and above all a creative mind.

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