iPhone 14 prices leaked

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 has surfaced on social media. Overnight, alleged European pricing for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 started appearing on French and Spanish Twitter accounts. Apparently, the most prominent media players to post these prices include Views.fr magazine, but there are really dozens to hundreds of different leaks on all sorts of Twitter accounts. All of them agree on the following prices, which you can see in the gallery below.

Rumored prices

iPhone 14

  • 128Gb – 1029 eur
  • 256 Gb – 1149 eur
  • 512 Gb – 1379 eur

Until recently, Apple used to convert US prices to European prices quite easily. It simply converted $1 to €1, even though the exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar was much different than 1:1. However, the exchange rate has always been more favorable to convert from Dollar to Euro from Apple’s perspective because the value of the Euro was higher than the value of the Dollar. In recent years and months, the exchange rate has started to level off, and a few days ago, the value of one dollar was even below one euro. Because of this, we have seen recently that Apple has higher prices in Europe than in the US, and prices are no longer equal to dollar prices 1:1. So it’s really quite likely that Apple will raise prices for Europe even more than we’ve been used to in previous years. Whether these are the actual prices that Apple will announce tonight is impossible to confirm or deny, and we can only wait for the live stream of the iPhone 14 and other Apple news.

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