iPhone 14 USB-C connector

If you were hoping that perhaps Apple would relent and deploy this port in the upcoming, 14th series of iPhones, we have bad news for you. While we’ll reportedly see news in this regard, USB-C will unfortunately not arrive again.

While all other mobile phone manufacturers are betting on USB connectors for charging and connectivity, Apple is still doing its own thing and fitting iPhones with a proprietary Lightning connector. The apple giant introduced the connector in 2012 as a replacement for its 30-pin connector and it has been on iPhones for almost a decade. And this year, unfortunately, it will be no different.


The iPhone 5 was the first to get a Lightning port in 2012, and Apple has stuck with the connector ever since. At least in phones, and it’s already deploying the widely used and much more versatile USB-C port on its iPad tablets (except for the base model) and Mac computers.

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